10 Ways to Use Body Language Cues to Be a More Effective Traveler

9) Hand Gestures and Touching Others

When in doubt, stick with body language basics: avoid making aggressive gestures (touching your face or head), keep palms visible and open, and maintain a safe distance from other people. But if you’re feeling confident about your skills, there are ways of subtly engaging others through body language. This week we asked our readers for some tips on how to use body language effectively while traveling. Here’s what they had to say.

10) Relaxed Stance

One way you can use body language cues effectively is by noticing people’s stances when they meet you. This will help you understand if they are feeling relaxed and open or if they are closed off. Making people feel more at ease will put them at ease which will allow them to be receptive to what you have to say. If someone’s stance is rigid and guarded, then their mind will likely follow suit. Relaxed and open body language signals that it is safe for others to approach with confidence.

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