10 Ways to Use Body Language Cues to Be a More Effective Traveler

7) Make Eye Contact

When you’re looking directly at someone, you’re signaling respect and trust. This is essential in an unfamiliar environment; if you see something odd—an angry crowd, an aggressive driver—you need to be able to instantly spot who might be creating that danger. The same goes for reading body language cues from others: if they can’t make eye contact with you, they may feel uncomfortable or intimidated by you. Try it on your next trip!

8) Listen Actively

It is said that only 7% of communication happens verbally. That means 93% is conveyed through your body language. When you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t speak your language, it can be even more difficult to communicate. You have one method of communication at your disposal—your body—so make sure you are using it effectively.

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