10 Ways to Use Body Language Cues to Be a More Effective Traveler

5) Smile Often

Smiling helps establish rapport with locals, which can make all of your interactions on your trip smoother. It also encourages people around you to smile back and relax. Even if you’re not feeling it, put on that happy face—you’ll find that it becomes contagious. People are naturally inclined to be friendly and helpful toward those who seem pleasant. So roll out that megawatt grin whenever you can, wherever you go!

6) Reduce Alcohol Intake

Most of us like getting drinks with friends when we travel—and it’s something that’s an inherent part of traveling. That said, drinking too much alcohol can result in nausea, headaches, and dehydration, meaning you’ll be less likely to make it out of bed in time for your flight. To avoid these problems, consider cutting back on your alcoholic intake (or even abstaining altogether) during times you know will require heavy or early-morning drinking.

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