10 Ways to Use Body Language Cues to Be a More Effective Traveler

3) Gestures

According to body language expert Patti Wood, an associate professor at Columbia University’s School of Applied Psychology, there are five key hand gestures that you should use if you want people to take you seriously when traveling. It’s really important because it’s non-verbal communication. You can’t go back and change your words, but you can control how you make gestures, she says.

4) The Way You Move Your Eyes

Eye contact is an important part of being sociable. If you’re staring at someone, chances are it makes you uncomfortable when they stare back. We know that eye contact should be used sparingly, and people even have different cultural cues for what is appropriate. Make sure that when you make eye contact, you do so briefly—and understand that it can be seen as rude if your eyes linger for too long or if it looks like you’re staring at someone.

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