10 Tips to Help You Cycle Like a Pro

Cycling can be one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your workout done in a short amount of time. However, if you don’t have proper form or knowledge about how to pedal efficiently, you can find yourself injuring yourself and slowing down your workout rather than making it more effective. Here are 10 cycling tips to help you cycle like a pro and feel healthier and stronger as a result.

1) Give your body time to get used to it

Cycling is a physically intense activity, so even if you’re already an active individual, it might take your body some time to adjust. Take it slow at first and listen to your body as you adjust—you should feel stronger and more confident within just a few sessions. Work out regularly: Cycling is one of those activities that gets easier with practice. The longer you work out, especially at intense levels, the more efficient your body becomes at handling high-intensity exercise.

2) Make sure you have great equipment

The most important piece of equipment for cycling is your bike. Make sure you have one that fits you well—you should be able to stand over it with about an inch between your body and its top tube. If not, find a store that can help you pick out one that does. Also make sure your tires are good quality—cushy tires can make pedaling more difficult and flat tires more likely, even when they’re pumped up.

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