10 Tips for Running in the Heat Without Breaking a Sweat

After the winter, most people look forward to warm weather and sunny skies, but running in the heat can be dangerous or uncomfortable depending on your preparation and training. This guide to running in the heat will help you be safe and comfortable when exercising outdoors during the warmer months of the year. Here are 10 tips for running in the heat without breaking a sweat.

1) Start out slow

Your body will adjust to the heat, but it can take up to two weeks. Start by exercising outdoors at times of day when temperatures are lowest and work your way up. If you’re running with a group, stick with your slower friends and gradually increase your pace as you get acclimated.

2) Run on grass if possible

If you’re used to running on pavement, it can be a shock at first when you try running on grass. But if possible, you’ll find that grass is much more forgiving—the ground isn’t as hard and uneven, so your joints will thank you after long distances. Remember to wear appropriate shoes for your surface (the wrong shoes will turn any run into misery). Also keep in mind that wet or dry grass can be slippery!

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