10 things you need to know about seltzer water: the fizzy, refreshing drink everyone loves!

What’s not to love about seltzer water? It’s the fizzy, refreshing drink that’s loved by all — and it has so many great benefits! However, there are some things you should know about seltzer water if you’re going to drink it on a regular basis or serve it at home to your friends and family. Here are 10 things you need to know about seltzer water, so you can enjoy the drink safely and make sure that everyone else does, too!

1) A Little Bit of History

Seltzer water is one of those drinks that most people don’t really think too much about. It’s something that’s just always been there. But as it turns out, seltzer is more than just a familiar drink; it has a long and interesting history that spans thousands of years. Seltzer began as a way for doctors to cure their patients in 19th century Europe—and from there it grew into a modern-day favorite used for refreshment and even medical uses…

2) What is it?

Seltzer water is a soft drink that’s very similar to club soda. Though it’s clear and bubbly, and it tastes very similar to club soda. It has some of that distinctive mineral taste but not as strong and it’s very satisfying. If you like club soda but don’t want all of those calories then switching over to seltzer can be a great option.

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